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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moon Marble Company - Bonner Springs

When the wooden toys and game boards that you love to make and sell require hard-to-find marbles, what can you do? At Moon Marble Company, in Bonner Springs, business partners, Bruce Breslow and Lynda Sproules stock and sell marbles too. The store opened in 1997. 

Today, it would be easy to get lost at Moon Marble Company, which is jam-packed with marbles and toys for children of all ages. Hundreds of marble varieties fill several rooms almost from floor to ceiling. Customers can purchase marbles one-at-a-time, or by the pound, from PeeWees to 'Toebreakers' and custom-crafted marbles. You also can take a trip down memory lane while checking out the store's dizzying array of old-fashioned toys, such as jumbo jacks, pick up sticks, wooden YoYos, and vintage slinkies.

A consummate performer and educator, Breslow delights visitors as he demonstrates how to make individual marbles on several afternoons of most weeks. His designs are only limited by his imagination, from one called a Christmas Spiral to Moons and Stars and Radioactive Lizard Eye. Each handcrafted marble features Breslow's signature and the date when he created it. Moon Marble Company also carries custom marbles crafted by other artisans and offers occasional daylong classes of six to eight students, through its School of Glass.

On March 5th and 6th, the store will host its 10th Annual "Marble Crazy" event, with glass demonstrations offered by multiple artists, the opportunity to purchase custom-crafted marbles directly from their creators, and a chance to see the "Marble Machine." Want to know what that is? Stop by for a visit and unleash your inner kid. You'll have a blast.

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