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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kansas's Outhouse Festival - Elk Falls

When you live in a town that has only around 100 residents, finding ways to draw attention to yourselves can be a bit of a challenge. Such is the case in Elk Falls, which has been called by some, 'the 'world's largest living ghost town.'

But, beginning in 1996, this tiny hamlet launched its first Elk Falls Outhouse Festival. About a dozen creative types decorated individual outhouses, which were strategically placed throughout the town. Bright colors and whimsical appendages are just a few design features of these fun structures.
When was the last time that you saw an outhouse shell mounted on a bicycle?
An outhouse with all the charm of a Victorian painted lady home?
Or an outhouse interior complete with hand thrown pottery sink, wallpaper border and a Roman shade?
And you know there's a tech-savvy resident designer, when an outhouse christened Facepot features text-filled walls that bear a striking similarity to a popular online networking site. Will there be Elk Falls Outhouse Festivals in the future? Check the link above.

While you're in Elk Falls be sure to visit several more 'permanent' Elk Falls destinations. See the gorgeous Elk Falls and an 1892 iron bridge, near the edge of town. Or stop by Elk Falls Pottery, where Steve and Jane Fry have crafted stunning ceramics since 1976. The Frys will also welcome you to their cozy and serene Sherman House Bed and Breakfast. Your first meal of your day may feature a Wild West Breakfast Burrito, or Homemade French Toast with strawberry cream cheese filling. 

This living ghost town offers plenty of surprises. Enjoy your visit!

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